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Curlew offers an affordable range of packages suited to your needs. 

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Free Taster

Curlew understands everyone has their own specific requirements when choosing a music teacher - as well as just how quickly a child's interest in something can change overnight. Get a feel for what learning the drums with Curlew is all about with a no commitment 40 minute taster session on the house.

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Single Lesson


30 minute session   $40

45 minute session   $55

60 minute session   $65

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Five Lesson Package

5 X 30 minute sessions   $180   

5 X 45 minute sessions   $245   

5 X 60 minute sessions   $290  

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Term Package

10 X 30 minute sessions   $350

10 X 45 minute sessions   $480

10 X 60 minute sessions   $570

Not sure what's best for you?

Choosing a structure can be a difficult task, especially when you're at the very start of your musical journey. If you have questions about what approach best suits your needs, get in touch with Curlew on 0401 743 686 or through the portal below.

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